Isla's Rainbow of Hope
Isla's Rainbow of Hope
Isla;s Rainbow of Hope
Isla's Rainbow of Hope

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Isla's Rainbow of Hope - Trustees and Committee

Laura McNally - Co Founder

Laura McNally -  Co Founder (medical / legal / ethical liaison officer) 

Welcome to the rainbow and thank you for visiting our site. Let me introduce myself. I'm Laura (Islas mummy) along with my partner (Davey Kirkpatrick) we founded this charity islasrainbowofhope following the death of our beautiful daughter.

I have been nursing for a staggering 15 years to do date with a wealth of experience gained from the opportunity of fulfilling very dynamic aspects of nursing and having the privilege of caring for many clients and their families. As a registered general staff nurse I've worked in all areas of woman and child health. I began to branch out into other fields of expertise and began a career teaching in emergency response and was also a qualified health and safety back care advisor. From there I spent some years working with general practitioners and their clients within the treatment room area and also as a district nurse. I continued my studies to access degree level palliative care (caring for those who are at end stage of life - maximizing their life to the best it could be before they passed away.) I completed some masters level research to aid me toward the direction of fulfillment within nursing. I still felt the urge to return once again to full time post graduate study where I obtained my specialist practice in public health nursing and nurse prescribing.

Within these years I obtained life skills that I could adapt to any family and child. Through training and assessment I have the qualifications to assist women with breastfeeding, bonding and attachment , child hood developmental concerns, behavioral concerns , practice mum and baby yoga( including infant massage) to name but a few of my essential skills. You will see a multitude of my skills displayed regularly through this charity. I'm very intune with seeking family financial support/ legal and ethical support, human rights, and I'm highly trained in child protection Aswell.

The most incredible job I ever had was being a mummy to the most beautiful intelligent and loving little girl. I was the proudest mummy :)

The hardest job I've ever had is being an angel mummy, however painful I do it with pride.

As Islas story will show she was healthy and well before her accident. Home accidents happen all to often even when your child is in your own arms. This charity is set up for all the little people who have no voice that cannot say "save me" "just give me more time" "listen to my parents". As healthcare develops and parents knowledge&skills develop we are left with some very pressing and conflicting views on how we wish to proceed with OUR children's health care. We will endeavor to let everyone's voice be heard and keep a family united at any cost. Please join the rainbow follow my daughters incredible journey, be empowered by her fight for life. I miss my daughter everyday I've cried tears that I never knew I would have I walk with a heavy heart and an enormous pain that no one will ever take away. But Isla walks with me everyday. She keeps me going even in the darkest moments. Every time I hear of another child not benefiting from this amazing charity it drives me on one more day; tired, weary and emotionally distraught I still find the time to fight for what is right.

Much love my little angel
Twinkle twinkle little star
I know you know how loved you are

Thank you for reading and please join our fundraising. Let's brighten up the nation. Xx

My 3rd level education qualifications are :
Dip nursing BSc palliative care nursing. MSc research in nursing PGDip specialist public health nursing and nurse prescribing.

Davey Kirkpatrick - Co Founder

Davey Kirkpatrick - Co Founder (team meeting/venue co-ordinator / publishing) 

Hi and welcome to the rainbow.

Let me introduce myself I am Davey Islas daddy and Laura's partner. I would be a car valeter by trade and have been involved within the wider network of the car industry for the past ten years. When i first found out that Laura was pregnant, i couldnt have been any happier. I recall only to well those birth to five books and what to expect when you are expecting (all a distant memory now). I looked forward to meeting my little princess and enjoyed the last few months preparation for the arrival of this little one. I remember thinking "how on earth does a little person need so much " if only I knew then that the stuff just multiplied as the months went on. Nipping to the shop was no menial task it required dedication, preparation and expert timing. Those were proud days as the daddy we push the pram it's the proud fatherly duty. Laura chose the brightest red pram she could find and truth be told Islas favorite colour. Isla was incredibly smart from the beginning she had some trouble with reflux but momma knew what she was at and we soon got through the worst. As a family we grew inseperable we three went everywhere did everything but upon looking back it wasn't enough. So many things we never got to do.

When I had to attend to both my partner and daughter both severely injured in an accident my world was shattered. The days the weeks that went by we prayed for miracles but short of that we spent every minute researching, debating, arguing our researched view points. It felt like no one believed in Isla the way we did. She had no voice - we were her voice. We were exhausted weary and run down we never left her side but the strength that Isla showed us by fighting against all odds gave me the strength to carry on fighting for her alongside Laura. The incredible journey was only beginning. She amazed everyone by coming off ventilation and going swimming 48 hours later. (Lots more of these stories will be posted on the web page over due course).

Sadly as we know Isla grew her wings on Christmas Eve to become the brightest shining star in the sky. With a broken heart we arranged our daughters bright and beautiful funeral and we also had a celebration of her 1st birthday with a massive balloon release.

Through the dark days the hurting the pain is eased somewhat with acknowledging the fight and courage my daughter possessed so in honor of her we have founded the rainbow .

Join our rainbow of hope, bring hope to another child another family. Help make precious memories. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about ourselves.

Judith McVeigh - Senior Charity Management Co-ordinator

Judith McVeigh - Senior Charity Management Co-ordinator

My name is Judith McVeigh, I'm married to Gareth and we have a toddler, Noah.

I work part time as a bank cashier whilst also running two successful businesses from home.
I am educated to Diploma level, am a fully qualified trainer and also have various other certificates to include First Aid and Food Hygiene.

I have previously been involved with charities at a coordinator level and wish to bring these skills along with others to Isla's Rainbow of Hope.

I have known Laura, Isla's mummy for over 10 years and had the pleasure of working with her for a number of years, as a family we were delighted when Isla was born, but when Isla's accident happened in August '13 our lives seemed to stand still, we willed everything we had for Isla to fight and then on Christmas Eve when we heard Isla had gained her angels wings, our lives changed, we were devastated for the whole family but I kept seeing this inner strength that Davey and Laura had, the strength to make a difference and to make sure that no parents or child had to go through what they had. Whilst this charity will never take over Isla's memory it will keep her memory alive, the memory of a bright, amazing little girl who left footprints on the hearts of whoever she came into contact with. Xx

Gareth McVeigh - Senior Charity Management Co-ordinator
Gareth McVeigh -  Senior Charity Management Co-ordinator

My name is Gareth McVeigh. I'm married to Judith and we have our 2 year old son Noah.

I've been working in Civil Service for 12 years now and am based in Stormont Estate

I'm studied at Bangor Grammar School and then NDAIFHE for a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism. I've helped Judith in a lot of her charity work in the past and look forward to contributing to this wonderful charity.  I'm a keen sportsman and play football and cricket for local teams

I've known Laura for 8 years and have became good friends with Davey in the last couple of years.  

Christmas Eve 13 is a day none of us will forget a day that hearts were broken and tears were shed for the most unbelievably brave little girl I've ever had the privilege to know.

As much as we will always have heavy hearts I can honestly say that I am confident this charity can make a real difference in peoples lives, providing support and hope.  
Nicola Farr - Business Management

Nicola Farr - Business Management 

Hi, I’m Nicola Farr and very proud to be Isla’s Godmother. I’m married to Paul and have 2 children (Logan and Freya). My background is in business management and I currently work within the field of business research. I am honoured to be a part of islasrainbowofhope and committed to supporting this vital charity in delivering upon its very important mission. 

I believe that everyone has the right to live and that families should be fully supported should they find themselves facing life with a child with a life limited condition. I will forever be inspired by the strength and determination that Isla showed during her short life and although Isla is no longer with us, she has left behind a powerful legacy, a legacy that will live on forever through islasrainbowofhope xo

Other Trustees - 

Gavin McNally - Grampa - financial administrator 

Christine McNally - Nana - fundraising co- ordinator 

Adrian Kirkpatrick - Granda - research and development administrator 

Claire and Mark Monaghan - God parents Auntie and Uncle - general administration manager/ visual and design (artwork) co-ordinators

Gavin Major - IT Specialist (family) 

Lydia McCartney - Events Manager / Fundraising Co-ordinator 

Lorna McKay - Specialist Media Co-ordinator 

Gary Millar - Pastoral Advisor

Our Charity Fundraisers - 

Gemma Dunn - Fundraising Host Team

Gemma Dunn - Fundraising Host Team 

Hi I'm Gemma Dunn , mummy to two precious little girls who keep me on my toes !! I've known Laura for over four years as she was my ever understanding and sympathetic health visitor who helped me through the early days of being a new parent. My youngest daughter is a few weeks older than Isla and became a firm little friend as we mummies caught up over coffee / play dates.  

I have a Bsc (hons) in social policy and work part time in a Surestart project providing support and advice to young families in areas such as benefits ,budget planning ,  behaviour  and play and am trained in lots of parenting programmes ; with my favourites by far being delivering baby massage , baby yoga and baby swimming.

Isla  will always hold a special place in my heart as I watch my own daughter grow and remember her wee angel friend watching over her . Supporting Islas rainbow of hope is a real privilege and I endeavour to bring my skills and passion to ensure Islas memory lives on and that hope is given to other families through Islas charity .

Sophie Keil - Fundraising Team

Sophie Keil - Fundraising Team

My name is Sophie Keil and I am a YogaBellies teacher specialising in teaching yoga to women at all stages in their lives, from pregnancy and birth preparation, mum & baby yoga to YogaBelles, our yoga for women classes.  

I am so honoured to be a part of Isla's charity and am devoted to raising money and awareness for this incredible cause.  

My beautiful daughter Heidi Rose was born the day Isla had her accident so I feel a deep affinity and connection with her and am so touched by her story and incredible journey.

Sophie Keil - Yoga Bellies
Sophie Keil - Yoga Bellies 

Other Charity Fundraisers - 

Barry Keil 

Bob Green 

Avice Green

Sonya Matchett 

Ruth Mairs 

Emma Monroe 

Antionette O'Neill 

Andrew Clark 

Bianca loiacono 

Tina and mark ferguson 

Hannah brown 

Ayesha Kirkpatrick 

John Beverland

Kelly Anne

Adrian kirkpatrick